Biopsy Gun

Based on proprietary technology and valuable clinical input from both Danish and U.S. surgeons and radiologists, TeesuVac is developing a new efficient handheld tetherless single-use automatic vacuum-assisted biopsy gun for taking precise core biopsy samples of tissue, which on examination by pathologists, can help detect diseases and to which extent they have developed.

Our key focus is to develop a device with which a surgeon or radiologists can quickly and effectively take tissue samples. Additionally, the new device is designed to make the procedure less traumatic for the patient.

The handheld biopsy gun is designed for use on a single patient, thus eliminating any risk of cross-contamination from patient to patient and needing to clean and re-sterilize the device. After use, the biopsy gun is easily disposed of in a sharps container.

Unlike most other biopsy devices, the vacuum is generated in the biopsy gun itself, eliminating the need for a cumbersome vacuum-generating apparatus. The vacuum generated within the device ensures that tissues are transported into a tissue-receiving chamber before being cut off, resulting in significantly larger samples.